Thursday, September 3, 2009

Developing IE addons is infuriating!

So, I've been working on this C# addon for IE off and on for a few months.  After a frustrating search for information coming up pretty dry, I was able to piece together a working version of the addon in IE7.  However, just as I was about to release it, one of my coworkers tried it in IE8 — and, of course, it didn't work!  I believe it has to do with IE8 handling the notion of the "active tab" differently.  In IE7, the active tab automatically became the first tab.  In IE8, I don't think the same behavior is happening but I haven't yet had a chance to verify it (using Spy++ or whatever).

Anyone know?  Any which way, I would like to try out Add-in Express Ltd.'s Add-in Express 2009 for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .NET for Visual Studio 2008 (C#), which several people have suggested to me.  I'm going to contact the company tonight to see if they will give me a free version to try out through their "blog review" program.  Wish me luck!

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